Monday, November 28, 2011

Today become stress for me

Salam All

I do not know what will happen to me. I get bogged down, not excited yet. I do not have a problem with a lot of work, but I do not like working there. I started to stress when the clock shows at 8:20 am .. I do not care if the clock at 9.00 am because I have come to my office and in the room, meet with the roommate who always helped me, supported me. I never thought that he was negative in themselves, I know he reads this entry, I'm sorry if I have made your feelings I apologize .. I hope we will continue to be friends ...
I think I have decided that if this situation continues. I am desperate I quit my job .. I do not mind if I do not have a job because I was unable to face with the behavior of I, .. Sorry boss my decision may be difficult or may have a happy, when I stopped .. I had interrupted their rights .. I do not want to close and want to be arrogant, but they all laugh at me .. I am not strong for all this .. I quickly scratched the heart ... I do not know what should I do .. This conjecture was quite challenging myself .. I say .. please ..

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