Monday, January 16, 2012

what is your hobbies

Let's talk about Hobbies.. You know what hobbies..
other than sudoku and read the novel my 3rd hobbies ( bila ada duit lebih)
Since my diploma i'm start to travelling with my friend.. in side the country lor
especially when i must  travel blik from jengka to meru.. there take a few hour in day tau . harhar3
But when i was working .. apalagi travel to oversea lor...  ( bile ada duit lebih)

bukn ape lah kan , wktu nie lah to enjoin with your life .... what you want to do.. enjoin3..enjoin.. ( semayang jgn lupe) lor .. later when u're married , dpt husband not lyn travelling nie  then dpt anak plk kan...
hadoiiii.. so hopefully lah dapat husband kaki travel, not kaki perempuan yer

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