Sunday, December 25, 2011

di PD

if you read this entry early morning i wish good morning, 
if you in afternoon.. good afternoon 
if you in evening.. good evening
if you in night.. good night...

what kind sima melalot ni ha??
yelah have something disturb inmy mind  .. 
that why i gt my holiday
nit with my lovely family, but with my friend 
sha with 2 her friend
but i'm not strong 
ada lah hilang sikit.. 
tpi dlm hati sakit,benci geram,menyamph..
tgk couple person bermundar mndir 
yelah sy thu lah sy x ada pakwe
x pyh korang nk tunjuk korg tu ada pkwe

setakat couple .. x pyh lah tujuk 
bkn suami pon...
 tpi hari ini agk teng skit lah 
jauh dri urusan kerje,stdy seketika.. 
perlukan bnyk rest nie..
but now.. i'm still typing entry this blog..
bcoz i have mny think want to share with all of u
..... (O_o)('')
but i'm start to evaporate
that mean i must 
It means I need to sleep ... it is a sign of my sleepiness ...
so that b4 sima melalot..eth apa 
baik sima tido dlu.. 
nite...(nti smbung in Pd..scen`2)

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